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CompuSet® expertise

We are specialists in the area of Autograph CompuSet® document creation!

As a long-standing support and development service provider of CompuSet in Europe, we offer professional services and solutions within the scope of your CompuSet applications.

Based on our many years of working with the CompuSet formatter and applications in conjunction with the "Autograph Suite", we have acquired an incomparable pool of knowledge and expertise.

For companies with existing CompuSet applications, we are the top reference point throughout Europe (especially in German-speaking countries) for a wide variety of services pertaining to CompuSet, including customised solutions and extensions, as well as consulting with respect to migration and replacement scenarios.

With the docTYPE formatter, we have developed a product that can serve as a 1:1 substitute and replacement for end-of-life CompuSet environments, whereby the same methodology can be applied. Thanks to its dynamic document creation and available tagging tool, docTYPE can very quickly replace existing solutions.