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proTERM - the terminology tool


Day by day, the amount of electronic information resources continues to grow. Searching for relevant information is becoming more and more difficult. A systematic treatment of terminology (technical words) increases the effectivity and efficiency of information searching and communication.

proTERM was developed as an innovative tool for knowledge and content management in order to simplify the systematic work with terminology.

proTERM overview
proTERM overview

proTERM - advantages at a glance


  • Navigation through documents
  • Setting up a multilingual data pool
  • Automatic keywording
  • Organisation of thesauruses
  • Prevention of misunderstandings
  • Improvement of internal and external communication

proTERM applications

  • Documentation
  • Queries
  • Thesaurus maintenance
  • Administration of semantic networks
  • Navigation through documents
  • Keywording of documents
  • Internal and external communication

proTERM functions

  • Terminology administration
  • Text analysis
  • Indexing
  • Navigation
  • Thesaurus management
  • Structure management
  • Visualisation
  • Information export
  • Plugin (Word)
  • Web services (Soap)
  • Web interface

proTERM modules

  • Administration
    Administration of the users and projects
  • InTerm
    Import and analyse documents according to predefined filter settings.
  • NewTerm
    Processing, arranging and standardising analysed terms
  • IndexTerm
    Indexing and keywording of the documents. Use of a thesaurus to improve quality
  • RelTerm
    Context-independent navigation through information databases.
  • DynTerm
    Thesaurus creation and updating
  • OnlineTerm
    Navigation and display of existing thesauruses
  • SemTerm
    Import and edit semantic networks
  • ExTerm
    Export analysis results in various formats.