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dmDOC is a browser-based, interactive tool for document creation. Aided by comprehensive block and template administration, dmDOC creates personalised and dynamic documents, administering these at a central location.


docTYPE is a high-performance formatter for personalised mass and single documents. It imports, interprets and formats your data to create the desired document.

docTYPE Live!

With docTYPE Live! the docTYPE code is visualised in the browser and is thus the ideal tool for demonstration purposes, presentations of all kinds or for quickly trying out new ideas. It can therefore be used equally at both the IT and also at the management level.


docPIPE is a comprehensive Enterprise Output Management System (EOMS) that deploys and monitors your entire document creation. In doing so, it also serves as a flexible integration platform a diverse range of input and output systems.


proTERM is a specialised, highly efficient terminology tool for knowledge management. proTERM was developed as an innovative tool for knowledge and content management in order to simplify the systematic work with terminology.