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What is transpromotion or white space marketing?


For companies which are in regular communication with customers, transpromotion or transpromo is an excellent advertising and marketing tool. Wikipedia defines transpromotion as "availling of the sending of documents such as invoices or account statements (so-called "transaction documents") to customers for further informational, sales and advertising purposes." Transpromotion is a combination of CRM, data mining and individual design or printing processes.

The term "white space marketing" is also used to refer to transpromotion. "White space marketing" is taken to mean the exploitation of "white" spaces in printed or electronic documents. This marketing and advertising opportunity offers major improvement potential for the process performance of the company.

The docTYPE software solution from DocuMatrix provides you with options for implementing the tasks arising from transpromo and white space marketing.

With the dynamic formatting options available in docTYPE, the existing data can be used as a basis for placing marketing items in the document at any time with contextual reference and customer orientation. This reduces the opportunity for white space marketing agendas and not just in the remaining free space at the end of a document.