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Our solutions for better Output Management


Modern, individualised customer communication with DocuMatrix

Moving away from "Dear Customer" - to a more personalised form of address, e.g. "Dear Ms. Public" - that is the objective of modern customer communications. With DocuMatrix products you achieve the right balance between high-volume mass output and customised communication by means of transactional and interactive document creation.

Result:  "One-to-one communication" between the company and customers through personalised mass documents!

Adherence to compliance guidelines and CI specifications by means of guided document creation

High-volume output production means turning away from conventional text processing toward a structural and content-based document composition and creation according to compliance-oriented rules and guidelines. The advantage of structured document processing is the guided document creation by the user. Important compliance-related specifications and CI guidelines are consequently predetermined; therefore, the creator does not need to observe them nor can they be altered. This reduces the error rate substantially.

To sum it up: Our principle of Output Management is both compliance-oriented and customer-oriented!

Maintain control of the mass output cost factor

Customer communication is not only a process that is crucial to a company, it is also a cost factor. Costs can be significantly reduced through simplified template administration and optimised document creation. Based on the principle of guided document creation, costs IT department-related costs can be reduced and the effort shifted to the specialist departments. With the docPIPE Output Management System, monitoring, statistics and quality assurance measures are possible at all times.

Professional all-in-one solution as a global advantage for the company

The software solutions from DocuMatrix offer a comprehensive package for optimum performance in the areas of Output Management and Document Composition - with advantages at all levels:

  • from the cost factor of company output all the way to professional communication with the customer.
  • Optimise workflows: representation rules and approval procedures are integrated into the Output process, thus speeding up business processes.
  • Marketing plans can be implemented with precise timing: changes made to logos, texts or individual words can be planned for an exact date. Transitional phases and errors are eliminated by the template system.

Solutions in the area of company-internal communication

Delivery notes, pick-up vouchers or company-internal instructions - the flood of company-internal paperwork also doesn't subside. Here too, our product line offers company-specific solutions in the area of internal output. Thanks to the flexibility of the individual products, adapting them to internal specifics is not a problem. At DocuMatrix, we maintain our focus on reducing costs and optimising business processes.


Solutions - where can they be implemented?


  • Companies with high-volume output and special individualised requirements. In terms of Output Management, high-volume output can refer to every kind of document in either paper (printed record) or electronic (e.g. PDF) form.
  • Companies that intend to invest in a modern Customer Communication Management (CCM) system in order to strengthen customer relationships. Modern CCM with DocuMatrix means transactional, interactive document creation that is at once highly personalised. This reduces transaction costs while at the same time bolstering customer loyalty.
  • To boost efficiency within the company, DocuMatrix products integrate seamlessly in your existing work environment. This provides workload relief to your IT department and shifts task responsibilities to the specialist departments. In particular, the communications tool dmDOC creates new possibilities for greater efficiency in the collaboration between the IT, specialist and marketing departments.


Which sector and target group?

  • Mid-sized and large companies with high-volume output,
  • complex requirements (both internal and external) in the area of customer communication.
  • The following sectors should be cited in particular:
    insurance companies, banks, energy suppliers, telecommunications companies